With the discerning consumer no longer being impressed by a bunch of television sets stacked together in a grid, LED video walls have grown in popularity in the past few years. Unlike LCD TVs and their thick bezels, LED display walls come with seamless splicing and the ability to showcase high-resolution visual content as if it were being played on a single screen.

Moreover,while LCD panels come in a fixed rectangular shape with 16:9 display ratio, LED video walls are fully customizable for any shape or size, and can be used on non-flat surfaces as well. They conform to the exact needs of the brand and outperform even the most highend LCD panels in terms of visual quality LED display wall panels are perfect for advertising and marketing, architectural beautification, and creative installations. Some popular application sectors for our LED video walls include retail stores, shopping malls, museums, banks, railways stations, stadiums, weddings, events, exhibitions, airports, schools, restaurants, bus terminals, etc


Indoor LED display solutions are meant for those applications where image quality really matters. Catch the eye of your visitors with deeper colors and higher brightness with our easy-to-install, long-lasting indoor LED displays

Indoor LED display solutions are perfect for a wide range of applications like retail, advertising, museums, weddings, events, airports, schools, restaurants, etc. You can even use them in storefront windows without the fear of washout.

These low-cost, high-resolution indoor LED display screens come in a variety of sizes and are fully customizable.

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Outdoor LED display solutions are industry-renowned for their unbeatable reliability. These large format outdoor LED

screens offer a deep contrast to make the images sharper and the colors pop. A remarkably high brightness level ensures pixel-perfect pictures at all times – even in direct sunlight – throughout the lifecycle of the product. It gives you the flexibility of custom screen sizes, along with front and rear service options, with its certified waterproof outdoor LED display screen solutions. All products undergo strict quality control and tests to ensure complete safety from not only water and dust, but also temperature variations and UV rays.

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